Molecular Medicine

Molecular Tumor Board

The Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center’s Hereditary and Oncologic Personalized Evaluation Molecular Tumor Board (VICC-HOPE MTB) is comprised of oncologists, scientists, geneticists, pathologists, surgeons, trainees and other health care providers that meet weekly to review challenging cancer cases with molecular genetic testing results that require additional input from colleagues with varying expertise. During these meetings, providers discuss next-generation sequencing results investigating somatic and/or germline alterations. These alterations are evaluated on their anticipated effects on tumor pathophysiology, and members of the molecular tumor board assess treatment options and clinical trial participation opportunities, as well as implications for risk assessment and interventions for germline variants.

The VICC-HOPE MTB reviews and provides expert consultant opinions on oncology cases for patients both within and outside Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The international virtual VICC MTB, termed “Our Cancer Genomes”, meets online monthly using a secure televideo format to discuss patient cases submitted by the international cancer community. Please send questions about the VICC MTBs to

If you wish to submit a case to either the VICC-HOPE MTB or the international Our Cancer Genomes MTB, please fill out this form. Only CLIA grade test results are acceptable for review. We will contact you with any questions that we have.

Last updated: May 16, 2019

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