NCI Definition: A differentiated adenocarcinoma arising from the follicular cells of the thyroid gland. The nuclear features which characterize the thyroid gland papillary carcinoma are absent. Radiation exposure is a risk factor and it comprises approximately 10% to 15% of thyroid cancers. Clinically, it usually presents as a solitary mass in the thyroid gland. It is generally unifocal and thickly encapsulated and shows invasion of the capsule or the vessels. Diagnostic procedures include thyroid ultrasound and fine needle biopsy. [1]

Thyroid gland follicular carcinomas most frequently harbor alterations in NRAS, TP53, PTEN, NF1, and HRAS [2].

Most Commonly Altered Genes in Thyroid Gland Follicular Carcinoma

NRAS Mutation, NRAS Exon 3 Mutation, NRAS Exon 3 Missense, NRAS Codon 61 Missense, and NRAS Q61R are the most common alterations in thyroid gland follicular carcinoma [2].

Top Alterations in Thyroid Gland Follicular Carcinoma

Significant Genes in Thyroid Gland Follicular Carcinoma





Disease Details

Well-differentiated Follicular Adenocarcinoma, Follicular Cancer of the Thyroid Gland, Follicular Thyroid Cancer, Follicular Carcinoma of the Thyroid Gland, Thyroid follicular carcinoma, Follicular Adenocarcinoma, Follicular Cancer of Thyroid Gland, Follicular Carcinoma of the Thyroid, Follicular Carcinoma, CARCINOMA, FOLLICULAR CELL, MALIGNANT, Follicular Cancer of Thyroid, Follicular Cancer of the Thyroid, Well-Differentiated Follicular Carcinoma
Well-Differentiated Thyroid Gland Carcinoma
Thyroid Gland Oncocytic Follicular Carcinoma
OncoTree Name
Follicular Thyroid Cancer
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